Having started as a small business in 1978, our company now walks with firm steps on to the goal of embracing all of Turkey and the whole world with high quality and high performance products that it produces now.

         As Gürbüz Machine Industry, we find it insulting to our mission to use low quality materials in our products. We haven't changed our business ethics even if this resulted in lower profit compared to our rivals. These ethics have built the basics of our vision and have turned us into a reliable brand in terms of the industry.  

         Our company has enough technical information and a qualified substructure to meet local needs and customer demands. The machines that we produce consist of a very wide product range including stone crusher, siever  and washing systems, concrete plants and mechanical stabilization plants. The machines that we produce are guaranteed by our company for any post-sale problems.

         Gürbüz Machine Industry is a reliable institution known for its technological substructure, quality products and innovative designs. Gürbüz Machine Industry is determined to continue working on designing machines that comply with its customers' needs.

         Our machines are designed as mobile and stable machines with high quality and performance and reasonable prices to meet our costumers' demands. Our technical and trading experiences provide the substructure of all machines that we design.

         As Gürbüz Machine Industry,  we are ready to serve our people with our technological substructure and our experienced employees...