- Quality Policy -

Quality Policy

          Gürbüz Machine Industry has the wish to fully meet customers' demands by producing quality products with reasonable prices in properly ranked competition conditions and has the belief that it will succeed in this.

          We are trying to reach our goals by adopting continuous learning and improving and by making sure that our costumers and employees are satisfied, completing every project with the help of our employees, in the right place and time, in the desired quality, and in the most economical way.

          In order to provide the appropriate service for the costumer needs and to satisfy them, we are devotedly working with our company owner and employees, starting from our supplier.

          We are determined to keep improving our quality level, always providing the best to the customer.

          We are aware that quality is only a matter of one or two people, but also a concept that all the employees should adopt in the process of application.

          We place emphasis on the education of the employees during work and adopt continuous learning and improving.

          All our workmates are significantly sensitive about the matters stated above and we trust our policy in order to reach our goals.