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Concrete Central

            Concrete, which has a wide usage area in the field of structure in our age, requires a lot of attention and particularity on each level of its production. Due to this, it is produced in computer controlled ready mixed concrete centrals, especially in the recent years.
Ready mixed concrete centrals consist of sand and gravel bunkers, bands beneath bunkers, cement silo and mixer. Sand and gravel of different sizes get transferred to the mixer with the use of the main band in appropriate ratios, an appropriate size of cement gets transferred from the silo to the mixer with the use of a spiral and after the right amount of water gets transferred to the mixer, these materials get mixed in the mixer and get poured into transit mixers. All these processes and material ratios take place under the control of a computer. As Gürbüz Machine Industry, we produce mobile and stable concrete centrals of different capacities working with this system.

Technical Specifications:

Mobile Concrete Central
Stable Concrete Central
Propert Mixer (AlgebraMikser)
mixer capacity 0.5 m3 1.0 m3 2.0 m3
Dry volume 750 Lt. 1500 Lt. 3000 Lt
Compacted Concrete 500 Lt. 1000 Lt. 2000 Lt.
Engine power 22 Kw 37 Kw 2 x 37 Kw
Partition Number 4 no 3-4 no 4 no
Compartment Capacity 4 x 10 m3 20-30 30 m3
Total 40 m3 60-120 120 m3
Exchange Capacity
mpacted Concrete 35 m3/h 60 m3/h 100 m3/h
Mixing time 60 cyc/h 60 cyc/h 50 cyc/h
Cement Silo
Capacity 35 ton 75 ton 100 ton
Quantity 1 no 2-4 no 2-4 no

“Gürbüz Machine Industry reserves the right of making any changes on the values above with technological reasons..”